Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

Caution: THIS BOOK MAY RATTLE YOUR CAGE… and set you free!

When it comes to matters of faith, even the most intelligent people can slip up sometimes. Frustrated by our attempts to wrap our limited mind around the Infinite, we may forget who God is and what he’s like… and engage in a kind of “spiritual” wishful thinking.

  • “God loves me, so nothing bad will ever happen…”
  • “Of course I’ll get to heaven; I’m a pretty good person…”
  • “This verse proves that God is going to heal you…”
  • “Let’s pray right now. Everything will turn out great! God’s in control!”

But the house may foreclose, the sickness may not get better, our prayers may seem to hit the ceiling –and then we wonder why God doesn’t come through.

Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe uncovers ten common misbeliefs that keep us from experiencing God, who God is and how much he loves us. With humor and keen insight, Gary Kinnaman exposes our erroneous thoughts, and challenges us to cultivate a stronger, more mature faith in Christ.

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