Experiencing the Power of The Cross

The Power of the Cross Made Practical

Today the cross is the most visible icon on the planet. But for the billion who recognize the image, how many grasp its significance?

Using illustrations from contemporary culture, Gary Kinnaman unlocks the mystery of the Cross as an encounter with the living Christ, as a portal of escape from the world’s matrix and into actual reality. Based on Jesus’ claim to be “the way and the truth and the life,” Experiencing the Power of the Cross shows how our faith journey (The Way) brings us into God’s reality (The Truth) and gives us ultimate wholeness (The Life).

Included are seven weeks of selected Scripture readings for those who want to go deeper into the Word during a season of personal growth or the Lenten/Easter seasons

“Experiencing the Power of the Cross is more than a book; it’s a way of life. Gary Kinnaman captures that truth and translates its importance for each of us in the language of daily life!”
– Floyd McClung Jr., Director, All Nations

“Gary can take deep spiritual insights and put them into today’s language for today’s person. This is another great tool for all levels of believers — new in Christ or fifty years walking with the Lord. the Cross is still the centerpeice of God’s loving message to all people of all ages.”
– Frank Damazio, Senior Pastor, City Bible Church

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