Ministry Highlights Jan 2012

November 2011-January 2012


Thanks to the excellent and generous work of attorney Robert Brown, Grace Unlimited Inc is now Nothing But Grace LLC.  What this means for me–and you–is that now we can receive tax-deductible donations directly to Grace Unlimited LLC.  We’re also set up to receive contributions through PayPal.  See


I was invited to preach 36 Sundays last year, and 25 so far this year, 2012. I’m so grateful for these many opportunities to share God’s Word.


Lee Wiggins, former senior pastor of a very large church here in Arizona:  “Words are not enough to express how great [we] are for your role in our lives these past six months.  From that initial call to the many that would follow, your encouragement meant the world to me.  I so appreciated how you were not only concerned about me, but also about my wife …. We have seen and heard of the unity of churches and pastors that has occurred because of your work.  Thank you!”

Hispanic ministries. I coach and work closely with my dear friend, Jose Gonzalez, who was the coordinator of Hispanic churches for the Luis Palau events.  He is creating a growing network of Hispanic pastors, something that has never really happened in our state.  As a result of my efforts, the Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Associations (I am Chairman of the Board) has established an extension of their school of ministry here in Phoenix.  Grand Canyon U is giving them space for classes, and we have nearly 30 people enrolled, many of them pastors who have had very little formal training for ministry.

Living Streams Arcadia. A church plant of Living Streams (Mark Buckley), LSA is led by Lance Rauhoff.  Lance has asked me to preach for them a number of times, and we are meeting monthly to talk about church leadership and ministry.

Crossroads Church of the Nazarene, Chandler. Their pastor, David Sharpes, has asked me to meet with him monthly to develop a friendship of personal support in his life and ministry.

Vineyard Anthem. Senior pastor Terry Tarlton and I will be meeting every other month for coaching and support.  I will be preaching for him in August, as he takes a short sabbatical.

Vineyard North Phoenix. Senior pastor Brian Anderson has asked me to speak five consecutive Sunday, as he takes an extended sabbatical.


State and local government and human service agencies. I continue to lead the Arizona Council on Faith-Based and Community Initiatives ( … our Arizona state motto!) and serve as a member of Governor Brewer’s ArizonaSERVES Task Force (, which came about as a direct result of a meeting I arrange with Governor Brewer and the pastors of the largest churches in Arizona.

One of the key issues of ArizonaSERVES is foster care, and Central Christian Church really stepped up.  Senior Pastor Cal Jernigan wrote to his congregation regarding their special Christmas Eve offering:  “The greatest portion of our offering will go to help local Christian organizations ministering the trenches within our state’s foster care system.  Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer, has personally asked us to step up and help facilitate the placing of foster children in safe homes and assisting those who step up by taking children to lovingly care for them.  So, this we will do.”  Central Christian gave $125,000 to this effort!

KPXQ 1360. So many things are coming together!  Jim Ryan, the station manager for KPXQ, and one of their key people, Diane Zapponi, have invited me to work with them for our mutual dream:  to bring together pastors and other Christian leaders in the Valley, to build unity and serve our communities together. As a part of my work with the station, they’ve asked me to be a frequent co-host with Tom Brown on his daily show, Koinonia.

Arizona Dept of Economic Security (DES). God has given me a wonderful relationship with the new director, Clarence Carter, who comes to our state from Washington DC, where he was Director of Human Services.  Before that, he worked for President Bush as the director of the national food stamp program. A Christ-follower, he has a passion for getting connected with the faith community, and I’ve had the opportunity to connect him with key Christian leaders.

Pinnacle Forum. The new national CEO of Pinnacle Forum, Steve Fedyski, and I have been working together on a number of efforts.  Steve has become a good and helpful friend.  Pinnacle Forum was started by Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ and Jerry Colangelo:  Recently, I was invited to help lead Mr. Colangelo’s forum.

Local Outreach Leaders.My former missions pastor at Word of Grace and good friend Karl Mueller and others are helping me create relational, collaborative networks of local church, local outreach leaders across Maricopa County.  I’ve worked hard to get pastors together, especially the leaders of large churches.  I felt God spoke to me that the next step was to connect the leaders of community ministry in key churches around the Valley.

Denominational Leaders. Well, I did it again!  I got some folks together who never meet, don’t even know each other–but should!  In January, we had our first ever meeting of evangelical denominational state leaders:  Assembles of God, Southern Baptist, Conservative Baptist, Converge (Baptist General Conference), Church of God (Anderson), Nazarene, Vineyard, and Foursquare.  Whew!  Steve Harris, State Superintendent of the Assemblies of God hosted our luncheon, and the guys agree to meet quarterly.  This has never happened in our state!

Arizona Coalition for Military Families. As if I don’t have enough to do, I’m going to do whatever I can to encourage churches to support veterans and military families.  I’ll be working closely with  As you probably know, our youngest son is in the Navy.  He has a “safe” job, but we’ve seen how military life is a huge challenge for the serviceperson’s family.

No, I’m not retired!

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