Ministry Update for March, 2012

I have three essential purposes in this season of my life and ministry:  (1) preaching and teaching; (2) consulting and coaching; and  (3) building collaborative relationships between and among key leaders.


April 1, I had a glorious time speaking to Leonel Robaina’s large and vibrant bi-lingual church, Iglesia Manantial De Amor (Fountain of Love) just blocks from downtown Los Angeles.  Many people prayed to ask Jesus into their lives.

The night before, Marilyn and I were special guests for a 50 year anniversary event for Alberto Mottesi.  I am Chairman of the Board of Directors for his ministry, an extraordinary opportunity and privilege, as Dr. Mottesi is, perhaps, the most influential evangelist in Latin America.  Bill Bright called him “the Billy Graham of Latin America,” and he’s been known as the “Pastor to Presidents.”  I led a re-commissioning prayer team at Bishop Charles Blake’s West Angeles Cathedral.  About 5000 attended the event.

Leading the prayer at the 50th Anniversary on Alberto Mottesi’s ministry @ West Angeles Cathedral

I was invited to preach 36 Sundays last year—and 32 so far this year, with many dates still open this fall.  I’m so grateful for so many opportunities to share God’s Word. For my speaking schedule, see  Email or call each church or ministry for confirmation.

Consulting And Coaching

Leadership School for Hispanic Pastors. My good friend and colleague Jose Gonzalez has asked me to help him launch a school of leadership for Hispanic pastors in the Phoenix area, many of whom are undertrained.  Phoenix Seminary is providing a meeting place for our monthly, morning-long meetings, and key pastors across the Valley will be teaching on leadership and growing the local church.  Over 30 Hispanic leaders have signed up, and we are expecting many more, as the Hispanic network of Assemblies of God churches wants to be a part of this.

Our goal is threefold: (1) to teach leadership and church growth; (2) to build relationships and networks between and among Hispanic pastors; and (3) to connect Latino churches with key church leaders in the Valley.

Jose Gonzalez says, “Gary is a key person in my new effort to train Hispanic pastors. His role as a mentor and special collaborator has been of very special help. The new effort in training Hispanic pastors is called “Community Leaders,” and our purpose is to get help from Anglo pastors of large churches to teach Hispanic pastors.  This effort would not be possible without the Gary’s partnership.”

Networking Leaders

My goal: and

Radio KPXQ 1360. Jim Ryan (station manager for KPXQ) and Diane Zapponi (program director for the station) have invited me to work with them for our mutual dream:  to bring together pastors and other Christian leaders in the Valley—and to build unity in order to serve our communities together. As a part of my work with the station, they’ve asked me to be a frequent guest host with Tom Brown on his daily show, Koinonia.  I’m interviewing a half a dozen senior pastors each month, asking them about their personal story, how they are working with other pastors in their communities, and what their church is doing to make a difference outside the walls of their building.

“UNDIVIDED: One Church Serving the Valley” While still at Word of Grace, I launched 3K+, a quarterly gathering of pastors with churches of 3000 or more in attendance.  This grew into an annual Pastors of Influence Summit.  All but a couple pastors of the largest churches Arizona have participated.  In January, Don Wilson of Christ Church of the Valley (20,000 in attendance!), who agreed to lead our “movement,” hosted a day-long meeting where we talked seriously about working together on specific challenges in our city and state, specifically children and youth. The leaders there agreed to meet quarterly for all day meetings to develop and implement a strategic plan for the transformation of our state.  Our second meeting is next week.  Pray for us!

Nothing But Grace LLC

Thanks to the excellent and generous work of attorney Robert Brown, as of December 2011 Grace Unlimited Inc is now Nothing But Grace LLC.  We can receive tax-deductible donations directly to Nothing But Grace. We’re also set up to receive contributions through PayPal:

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