Unity and the Holy Spirit

Some thoughts by William Seymore, the father of the modern day Pentecostal movement, the movement of the Spirit that’s gone global and now defines the vast majority of Christians outside of North America.

William Seymore writes:

You cannot win people by abusing their church or pastor. If you get to preaching against churches, you will find that the sweet spirit of Christ is lacking and harsh judging takes its place. The churches are not to be blamed for divisions. People were hunting for light. They built up denominations because they did not know a better way. We are simply a voice shouting, “Behold the Lamb of God!” When we commence shouting something else, then Christ will die in us.

When people run out of the love of God, they get to preaching something else, preaching dress, and meats, and doctrines of me, and preaching against churches. All these denominations are brethren. So let us seek peace and not confusion. The moment we feel we have all the truth or more than anyone else, we will drop.

The sign of the Pentecostal Spirit is not primarily the gift of tongues. The secret is this: one accord, one place, one heart, one soul, one mind, one prayer. If God can get a people anywhere in one accord and one place, of one heart, mind, and soul, believing for this great power, it will fall and Pentecostal results will follow.

Oh, how my heart cries out to God in these days that he would make every child of his see the necessity of living in the 17th chapter of John, that we may be one in the body of Christ, as Jesus prayed.

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